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Using QR codes is a great way to drive traffic and connect to your audience. They may not work with every company, but they are important for boosting brand awareness. The key is knowing how to use them. 

How to Use QR Codes for Business

When you use a QR code, you can do more than scan a web address. You can have customers directed to your resume, website, or LinkedIn profile. You can also use it in a piece of mail, a business card, or a postcard if you want to offer a discount. Customers can look at a Facebook promotion, or you can share a digital menu for a restaurant or other food service business. There is so much that you can do, and it is a great way to interact with your customers. 

Who Uses QR Codes?

QR codes were popular in 2011, but they fell out of use. One problem is that smartphones needed a third-party app to read them. However, today, smartphones have a native reader built in, which makes it much easier. QR codes are making a comeback, and it is a good idea to use the following strategies. 

  1. Creative Ads

You can use the QR code in an ad, and it will take users to your website. Burger King did this during the VMAs and users could scan the QR code and go to their app. 

  1. Greeting Cards with Playlists

You can combine a greeting card with a playlist for the modern version of a mixtape. For example, users with Spotify can scan the QR and it will open the playlist in Spotify. You can create all kinds of playlists, but make sure they are ones that your customers will want to listen to. 

  1. Use QR Codes to Create Enthusiasm

You can take an everyday experience and bring it to life with QR codes. For example, customers can scan the QR code and learn interesting and useful information about the product. 

  1. Personalize Information

When your customers buy gifts and have them gift wrapped, you can include a QR code on the wrapping paper. When your customers scan it, they can read a personal message.