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Ken Hitchner NJ

Executive Communications Professional

About Ken Hitchner NJ

Ken Hitchner is an NJ professional with about 20 years of experience working in communications, public relations, and marketing. Throughout his career, Ken has continued to grow and develop a vast skill set that has allowed him to become the Content Strategy Director at Creative Marketing Alliance. Some of his key skills include corporate social media, creating communication and PR plans, and content marketing.

Ken Hitchner Education and Certifications

Since the beginning of his career, Ken Hitchner has been interested in communications and attended Temple University in Philadelphia to receive his bachelor’s degree. At university, Ken studied journalism, which has helped him begin and develop his career through the writing skills he gained. Ken has continued to become educated and knowledgable in many areas. In 2007, Ken Hitchner graduated from the NJ school, Rutgers University, with a Master’s of Business Administration and a concentration in marketing. 

Although his professional experiences provided him so much industry knowledge, Ken Hitchner took it upon himself to become certified in some key areas that are vital to communications, marketing, and public relations. Ken completed a Social Media Marketing course at Rutgers University and became certified in this area. Some additional certifications Ken has completed include Google Analytics, Hubspot Content Marketing, and Buzzsumo Content Marketing.

Ken Hitchner NJ Career

Dedicated to helping companies create their brand, Ken Hitchner began his career as a Senior Editor/Senior Reporter in NY where he helped to transform a financial information website from one with archived content to an online publication with daily content. Ken’s work led to a 400 percent increase in monthly website visitors through his effort to change the topics of focus to better appeal to readers. 

After working as a Senior Reporter, Ken Hitchner was recruited by NJ Transit to work as the Senior Public Information Officer from 2002 to 2011. For the nation’s third-largest bus/rail/light rail transit company, Ken directed media coverage as well as internal and external communications.  Over nine years, Ken Hitchner provided NJ Transit with branding, organizational, and crisis messaging. Some of his most notable accomplishments include growing trips per day at the Secaucus Junction Station from below 6,000 to over 17,000 through the creation and implementation of a major media blitz.

In 2005, Ken took on a year-long role as the Deputy Press Secretary at the NJ Governor’s Office where he assisted the newly elected governor with various communications strategies. Ken Hitchner developed image communications strategies, prepared more than 60 speeches, and authored talking points. Ken then continued working with NJ Transit in the public affairs department. 

After his nine years with NJ Transit, Ken Hitchner began working as the Chief Content Officer & Executive Director at the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey. Through his work, Ken was able to establish a non-profit organization that provides members with services for job searching and placement. He was responsible for marketing, branding, advertising, and communications in this role. A top achievement by Ken Hitchner was the educational program that he created which led to employment being obtained for one person every 56 hours. 

In 2014, Ken Hitchner began working at his current company in NJ Creative Marketing Alliance and CMA Association Management. His first role at the company was as the Editorial Director/Managing Director where he was responsible for various tasks including event management, marketing, and membership recruiting. While in this position, Ken Hitchner successfully monetized logos and the email address for associations through the creation of email publications. 

His success at CMA gave Ken the opportunity to move into his current position as Content Strategy Director for Web, Public Relations, and Social Media. The company provides B2B and B2C marketing and communications services and Ken is responsible for the executive communication solutions as well as media relations and digital marketing content. Ken Hitchner, over the last five years through today, continues to provide this NJ company successful media content and relations.

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