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One of the toughest difficulties a business can suffer from is getting bad press. Whether it is from a bad customer review or perhaps a marketing blunder, businesses need to know how to bounce back from receiving bad press. Here are some practical ways you can help customers regain confidence in your business after a mishap.

Respond to the Mishap

Reasons for receiving bad press will differ. However, a company should always take this as a learning opportunity and humble themselves by apologizing for the blunder. For instance, if a customer’s tweet about your company’s terrible customer service goes viral, you should address the issue by responding apologetically to the tweet and offering something of value to that customer. Depending on how big of an issue it was, you might want to consider having your marketing team post how employees will undergo better training to ensure the issue never happens again. Responding to the issue immediately is better than ignoring the customer altogether.

Don’t Be Too Defensive

While most individuals want to be quick to clear their name, this must be done in a professional manner with businesses. Being too defensive right off the bat may come off as immature. Companies should indeed try to restore their reputation, but it must not be in too defensive of a manner.

Get Reviews From Loyal Customers

One way to combat bad press is to receive good press. Businesses should not bribe customers to give them good reviews. However, a company’s response to bad press and professionality throughout the process should ward good free press from their returning customers. 

Perhaps the company could put on a special promo or event that welcomes the opportunity for press. If put on successfully, it will result in a lot of happy customers who will praise the business on social media without being asked to do so. 

Get Started On Your Next Steps

Bad press should ultimately inspire your business to do better and revisit the brand’s mission and values. Leaders within the company should come up with specific policies in order to ensure the problem is not repeated. Additionally, they should use this time to brainstorm potential problems they could face again in the future and come up with policies in the meantime to try to avoid making those mistakes. When a team is more prepared for potential bad press, they will be less likely to make the mistakes that lead to it.