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Hashtags have entered the cultural lexicon over the last decade, and they have made a considerable impact. Initially, people used hashtags as a simple way to organize things into different categories to make searching easier. Today, the power of the hashtag has caused gigantic movements to become possible on a worldwide scale. When it comes to marketing, is using hashtags still relevant, though?

Using Hashtags on Facebook

Using hashtags on Facebook is a bit different, and there are limits that you need to be aware of. Firstly, you need to know that Facebook restricts the number of characters that you can use for a hashtag. Marketing using hashtags on Facebook is about being concise and smart. You should use one popular hashtag to draw attention, and then use your unique marketing hashtag along with it to get the best results. 

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is the social media site that started the whole hashtag phenomenon. If you’re marketing your business on Twitter, then you must use hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags are very relevant on this platform, and it makes it convenient when you’re trying to draw more eyes to your marketing content. Twitter is a great platform when you want to interact with potential customers. 

Using Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags might be the best of the bunch if you’re trying to market your goods or services. People love using hashtags on Instagram, and you can use them to make your content easier to find. If you’re marketing on Instagram, then you absolutely should be using hashtags. They work great on Instagram, and you can use them to help get your content in front of new people. 

Using Hashtags on YouTube

If you’re going to be marketing on YouTube, then using hashtags can be helpful. You can help to get your video pushed out to a broader audience by using hashtags properly. It helps to group the videos properly, and you should be using them to your advantage. 

So Are Hashtags Still Relevant?

Yes, hashtags are still very relevant from a marketing perspective. With the way that things are trending, hashtags will remain a crucial aspect of social media marketing for years to come. If you want to have the best experience when marketing your content on social media, then you need to be thinking about how to implement hashtags.