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Nowadays, people have the idea that you have to work hard to achieve your goals, which is true! But in today’s society, where everything is upside down and more than likely, many people are working their jobs remotely, there needs to be a sort of work-life balance to your job. And it’s true, prioritizing work is vital at times, but there also needs to be an equal amount of time for self-care, in which we can focus on ourselves so that we can fend off things like anxiety, weight gain, even physical issues like diabetes or cancer.

Approximately 57% of the working adults in the United States say that work-life balance is essential, giving them time with their families. Balancing self-care with your work life is one of the main things that can keep you from experiencing burnout. Companies use flexible work schedules, prioritizing the work done rather than the number of hours achieved. Some places even give extended maternity leave– in Uruguay, they offer 22 days leave and coordinate 6 months of part-time pay to the parent.

Stress caused by work generally causes physiological reactions. These reactions are called allostasis, allowing your body to adapt to the stressors you encounter. However, sometimes they can fail to turn off, resulting in wear and tear on your system from the overactivation of the reactions. How do you undo the damage? A healthy work-life system. Time away from work doesn’t automatically undo the years of damage to your system, so making the right choices with your free time can help undo the anxiety you feel.

For example, yoga and meditation are helpful in mindfulness activities, as they let you live in the moment and highlight the good things that happened that day. Spending time with your family, partner, and pets can help you with your everyday stress. Planning date nights with your partner or scheduling movie nights with your friends can help too! Relaxing your body away from your work is essential for you to be the best you can be in the workplace. A good balance is critical to your overall well-being and happiness.

Disconnecting from your work on the times that you are off is also incredibly important. Whether staying off the email, the Slack, or just not picking up the work phone, prioritizing yourself is essential to your balance between work and life.