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With so many social media platforms available to the public, it can be hard to know which ones to promote your business on. A social media platform that is often overlooked is LinkedIn. Read on to discover how you can effectively use LinkedIn to promote your business!

Post Status Updates

As with most social media sites, it is important for businesses to be active. Of course, if your company has a dedicated social media team, it will be easier to stay active on all of these platforms. You could post status updates about projects the company is working on or photos from holiday parties. A lot of times, this can boost your sales or create interest in joining the company. Regularly posting is a great way to get free advertising, and all companies should be taking advantage of it.

Optimize for Google

If your company does not get listed high on Google search results, LinkedIn is a definitive way to ensure your company gets more recognition. Google favors keywords listed on LinkedIn profiles. If you have done your research on effective keywords in your industry, make sure you are involving those in your company’s bio and title. As with any industry, it is important to stay aware of the ever-changing SEO trends so you can update your bio if needed. This is necessary to rank high on Google.

Connect With Potential Employees

LinkedIn is all about connections. Your company should use connections to build authentic relationships with others, not just to try to sell something. Building these authentic connections can eventually lead to new customers, but you should not be too forward in trying to market yourself. Additionally, you can find potential new employees on LinkedIn. Most individuals do use the app for job searching, after all. This is a great space to meet someone virtually and observe their qualifications before going through all the steps of an interview. Making connections and positioning your brand as a great place to work will more times than not encourage people to apply for your positions, giving you a larger candidate pool to choose from.

LinkedIn is the app where connections happen. You should be utilizing this platform to the best of your ability instead of putting it on the backburner. While it can sometimes be overshadowed by some of the bigger platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is no doubt a fantastic marketing tool that could significantly impact your business. Make sure you are giving it some effort!